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What is a blood glucose meter?

A blood glucose meter is used to measure the amount of glucose, a type of sugar, in the blood.

When Accuracy Matters The Most!

This device lets you manage your diabetes on your own terms. ACCU-CHEK carries out extensive internal checks to give you accurate results from the convenience of your home. Get accurate results to make better and much more informed decisions about diabetes management. All you need is a tiny sample of blood and it will give you results instantly. What really makes this device useful is its trusted performance and convenience that it offers. Forget all the hassles and pain that a blood test usually involves and get this device for easy and pain-free testing. Manage your numbers and manage your health like a pro with this ACCU-CHEK Performa that guarantees convenience and accuracy.

How to use?

  • Insert the test strip into the meter so that it turns on automatically
  • Now, apply the blood sample (one drop) to the yellow window of the strip
  • Your result will be on the screen in 5 seconds.


Product name Accu-check Performa
Measuring Time Nearly 5 seconds
Memory Capacity Approximately 500 total results and 20 control tests
Dimensions 94x52x21 mm
Weight 59g with battery
Display LCD Display
Battery 1 Battery, Type 3V
Battery Life Nearly 2000 measurements
Sample Types Venous, Capillary, Arterial and Neonate

How to get it?

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